3-5 Gallon Barrelled Water Filling Machine

Main Compositions Rinsing/filling/capping monobloc is composed of automatic bottle loader, rinser, pipe system, conveying mechanism, filler, and detection device.

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QGF120 rinser/filler/capper monobloc is advanced equipment developed on base of international advanced technology and according to the trends of high speed and automation development for beverage in China.Main Features 1) This equipment has new structure, advanced technology, reliable function, scientific technics flow, good sanitation and high automation. The operation is simple. It is the ideal filling equipment of all water bottlers. 2) Adopt multi bottle up and down mechanism to make 1 bottles up and down at the same time to improve production efficiency. 3) Material choice is reasonable. Most parts adopt imported high-quality stainless steel. Other parts adopt nontoxic and durable material. 4) Most mechanism can be installed and repaired with general tools, convenient for maintenance man to replace and repair. 5) It has perfect safety protection precaution. While pressing down emergency stop switch, the machine can’t be started, and maintenance and raw material dosing can be done at this moment. 6) Bottle up and down equip position inspection to protect the machine effectively. 7) Cap sorter equips cap shortage detection to control the start and stop of the cap unscrambler. 8) Bottle up and down mechanism connection with rinser conveyor is done at the level position to avoid the influence by declined bottle. 9) The adjustment of main drive gear and chain can be done by disassembly the cover when the machine stops. Install the cover when the adjustment is finished. 10) Pneumatic line system equips pressure deducing valve to adapt to all feed air pressure. 11) Bottle conveyor adopts stainless steel flat-top chain to avoid bottle overturn. 12) It adopts stainless steel electric control cabinet. The whole working process as bottle up, bottle rinsing, bottle down and filling are controlled by PLC. 13) Main electric components (frequency converter, PLC, photoelectric switches, relay) adopt MITSUBISHI, OMRON, etc. 14) Pneumatic line system atopts product of AirTAC, etc.General Description 1) The machine base is composed of stainless steel plate and stainless steel square pipe. It has advantages of high intensity, good rigidity, light weight, beautiful appearance, good observation and easy cleaning. 2) The bottle loading mechanism adopts 90°cylinder overturning mechanism, stable and reliable. 3) Bottle feeding and pushing mechanism is composed of bottle pushing rack and bottle pushing cylinder. Its function is to push bottles on bottle-n conveyor to the bottle loading hopper.Working Principle Empty bottles are sent to bottle loading conveyor from bottle-in conveyor. After bottles touches the travel switch on bottle loading conveyor, PLC do counting operation. When calculating 1 bottles are ready, the bottle feeding and pushing mechanism cylinder acts to push bottle pushing rod to push the empty bottles on bottle loading conveyor to bottle loading hopper. The bottle is upright in the hopper and the bottle loading detection sensor detects that the bottle in the hopper has been ready and sends signal immediately to make the up bottle overturning cylinder act to push bottle loading hopper turns 90°and turns the bottle to level position. At this moment, the bottle mouth faces to the positive direction of bottle fixing cup of the rinser’s conveyor. The bottle pushing & loading sensor detects the bottle has been ready and bottle pushing & holding cylinder acts to push the bottle into the fixing cup of rinser’s conveyor and realizes level loading bottles. The rinser’s conveyor is driven by rinser driving mechanism and empty bottles go forward to the machine body.General Description 1) The rinser base is welded with bended stainless steel plate and stainless steel square pipe. It has advantages of beautiful appearance, high intensity, good rigidity, light weight and easy cleaning. 2) The rinser conveyor is composed of active and passive sprocket, chain, bottle holding plate and bottle fixing cup. The chain and sprocket are well designed to make them more scientific and perfect. 3) The rinser driving mechanism is pushed by cylinder to make the bottle in each working position stay for certain time. The chain is calculated strictly according automatic bottle loading and dropping positions to ensure exact position of the whole automatic running.Working Principle When the bottle enters fixing cup of rinser conveyor through automatic bottle loading device, the sensor judges there is bottle on the chain and starts main driving cylinder to act. At the same time, PLC gets signal to make recyle water pump, alkali water pump, disinfectant pump and product water pump start to work. The bottle enters each producer gradually for rinsing. The rinser is controlled by PLC. Each rinsing cycle of the rinsing chain will go by the same distance to make the bottle mouth face against the rinsing head in each rinsing position to realize synchronous running of bottle fixing cup and its mesh with the spray nozzle. While the bottle finishes the whole rinsing cycle, the rinser conveyor coveys the clean bottle to bottle-out position and the bottle is in level laying state.General Description 1) Filler base is welded with bended stainless steel plate and stainless steel square pipe. It has advantages of beautiful appearance, high intensity, good rigidity, light weight and easy cleaning. 2) The filling valve adopts the newest filling head. While filling, the cylinder makes down movement, and filling sports valves body touches the bottle mouth to compress the spring and open filling valve. 3) Cap container is used for storing and sending caps. When cap sorter needs caps supplement, the cap elevator conveys caps to the cap container which slides caps stably and quickly into the cap sorter. 4) Cap sorter is mainly composed of motor rotating tray, cap chute and shell. Its function is to bring caps in the box into cap chute by motor round tray rotating and make caps in the chute downward and rank in order by special mechanism. 5) Capper base is welded with stainless steel plate and stainless steel square pipe. It has advantages of beautiful appearance, high intensity, good rigidity, light weight and easy cleaning. 6) Capping mechanism is to do capping for the filled bottle with cap to achieve sealing effect. It adopts pre-cap type capping. 7) Bottle down mechanism is composed of bottle holding hopper, bottle down rack and bottle down cylinder. It adopts 90°cylinder overturning structure, stable and reliable. 8) Bottle-out pushing mechanism is composed of bottle pushing plate, bottle pushing rack and bottle pushing cylinder. It is mainly for pushing the clean bottle onto conveyor.Working Principle The rinsed bottle overturns by bottle down mechanism and is pushed to filler conveyor and filler by bottle-out pushing mechanism, when PLC gets signal and sends indication to start filling valves to do filling for the bottle. While the 4 bottles are full, the bottle blocking and holding cylinder returns and the bottle goes forward, then the cap hanging device hangs cap for the filled bottle. Capping is done when the bottle arrives at capping device. The finished bottle is sent to next procedure by bottle-out conveyor.Main Parameters
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1. Capacity 120-150 BPH
2. Rinsing stations layout (total 6 stations) 1-time disinfecting water inner
3. 1-time dripping
4. 1-time recycle water rinsing
5. 2-time product water rinsing
6. 1-time dripping
7. Installed power(total power) 3.8KW
8. Compressed air 0.6m3/min, 0.4~0.6 MPA
9. Compressed air joint φ12 mm
10. Rinsing water connected out 8m3/min,0.35~0.5Mpa
11. Product water rinsing joint φ40 mm
12. Rinsing water supply joint φ52 mm
13. Filling water connected out 15m3/min,0.25~0.3Mp
14. Filling joint φ70mm
15. Discharge outlet φ70mm
16. Effective rinsing time 18sec.
17. Dimension (mm) 3550×700×1580 (L*W*H)
18. Weight 600 Kg

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