PE Film Shrink Packaging Machine

Film packaging machine, small bottles of 350ml, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L and other volumes of mineral water, purified water, and beverages all use this cuff-type PE film heat shrink packaging equipment, there will be two lifts on both sides, we call it It is a cuff filling machine. When purchasing PE film, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is a new material or a recycled material. The price varies greatly. The new material has good plasticity and is not easy to tear.

Products Details

B&R servo motor control system, the lever is fed into the bottle, the film is fed, the film is cut, and the film is wrapped precisely synchronously. Equipped with Weilun touch screen and PLC control system. Taiwan AirTAC pneumatic components 1 set of Korea Autonics photoelectric switch, proximity switch. The heat sealing knife is made of cast aluminum heating plate, with uniform temperature and long service life, which is specially customized by our company. The frame is packaged with high-quality carbon steel wrapping film. Frequency converter speed regulation, secondary bottle conveying device. The whole action of pushing bottle, heat sealing and cutting adopts pneumatic mechanism. Inductive switches control the film length. The height of the conveyor belt can be made according to the user's requirements, and the adjustment range is ±50mm.The performance characteristics of the film wrapping machine: the appearance is simple and beautiful, the structure is novel and unique, and the maintenance is convenient. Pneumatic expansion support film roll, electronic induction film conveying, smooth film feeding, fast and convenient film changing. Servo control, the film is cut off instantaneously, and the film is automatically lapped and wrapped, and the strength is higher after shrinkage. During the forward conveying process of the product, it is automatically combined into a package, saving time and improving efficiency.The L-type automatic film wrapping machine is divided into left-hand bottle or right-hand bottle, according to the direction of the entire mineral water filling line and the planning of the factory site area. The production speed of the L-type conventional film wrapping machine can reach 8 packs to 10 packs per minute, which is also determined according to the diameter and height of the bottle, as well as the packaging form.

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