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Small Mango Orange Juice Bottling Equipment
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Are you planning to start a small juice production plant? If so, then you need a reliable and efficient small mango orange juice bottling equipment. The Mechanical Kingdom's hot filling machine is a perfect option that you can consider. The 3-in-1 filling machine is designed to combine rinsing, filling, and capping.

This machine is innovated and designed to meet the requirements of non-carbonated energy drinks, fruit juice, and tea. Mechanical Kingdom has introduced, digested, and absorbed the advanced technology from Germany and Italy to create this innovation.

This machine is mainly used for washing, filling, and capping PET bottle juice, tea drinks, and all kinds of energy drinks for hot filling. What's more interesting is that you can only change a few spare parts, making it suitable for filling pure water and mineral water.


In the bottle washing process, spring cramps are used to hold the empty bottles. The empty bottles can be turned over 180 degrees along the conveying line to ensure thorough cleaning. The high-pressure jets are used to wash the inner walls of the bottles and to avoid contamination.


Mechanical Kingdom's hot filling machine is designed to fill your bottles with fruit juice and other beverages. This filling mechanism is advanced, and it is perfect for hot filling products as it eliminates bacteria and other forms of contamination. It is equipped with all the necessary features such as a filling valve, an automatic liquid level control system, and a bottle-outlet-star wheel that makes filling a breeze.


The capping mechanism is used to seal the bottles to prevent contamination. This equipment uses a magnetic torque to screw the cap tightly on the bottles, giving you a perfect seal.


In conclusion, if you need to start a small mango orange juice production plant, Mechanical Kingdom's hot filling machine is the best option for you. This equipment is simple to use and can fill bottles with different types of beverages. It is designed using advanced technology, making it efficient and reliable. It is the perfect investment for anyone looking to venture into the juice and beverage production industry.